Bridging the Heart & Mind Program for Business & Individuals

Customized Training to Inspire Greater Performance, Improve Authentic
Communication and Build a Healthy Culture.

Inspired Performance

Empower individuals and teams to develop more insightful and creative solutions, while making more courageous decisions and achieving greater productivity and profitability. Learn more.

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Authentic Communication

Enable teams to connect, problem solve and negotiate in a more collaborative, empathic and goal-oriented process, that builds trust and strengthens professional and personal relationships. Learn more.

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Healthy Culture

Help employees experience more harmony, flow, vitality and work life balance, through our natural and holistic approach to workplace wellness.
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Helping Organizations Prosper

‘Bridging the Heart & Mind in Business’ Program is a transformative, experiential approach for more effectively navigating today’s workplace, grounded in the latest scientific breakthroughs around heart-centered performance. We custom engineer our programs to help organizations engage and retain employees, while driving improved productivity, teamwork, leadership and employee wellbeing.

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Success Stories

Healthcare Organization

“Since taking the first two levels of ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind in Business’ Program, I have benefited with clarity of mind, calmness and a heightened sense of awareness. I find I am more focused at work being able to see the ‘bigger picture’ more clearly. This effect has trickled out to those around me and issues have been discussed with less emotion and increased understanding of their needs. This is a must for anyone who wants to enjoy increased awareness, energy and perception in their lives.”

Lorraine Ladha, Director, Healthcare Organization

Precision Manufacturing

“The successful implementation of any change management program should be based on the fundamentals of leading with the heart. This enables one to communicate far more effectively when implementing new lean manufacturing initiatives and putting the foundations in place for a smooth transition with greater productivity and a more empowered workforce.”

Joe Fahy, Production Supervisor, Precision Manufacturing