Developing Flow & Vitality for Personal & Professional Growth
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Bridging the Heart & Mind Program for Business & Individuals

We train leaders, professionals, and teams how to strengthen within the values of the heart creating positive communication, employee wellbeing, and healthy outcomes. Our unique Bridging the Heart & Mind at Work and In Life Program has helped bridge the hearts and minds of many leaders, managers, and employees globally.
Authentic Communication
Enable teams to connect, problem solve and negotiate in a more collaborative, empathic and goal-oriented process, that builds trust and strengthens professional and personal relationships.

Building Healthy Cultures

Help employees experience more harmony, flow, vitality and work life balance, through our natural and holistic approach to workplace wellness.

Inspired Performance

Empower individuals and teams to develop more insightful and creative solutions, while making more courageous decisions and achieving greater productivity and profitability.

The Bridging the Heart & Mind at Work and In Life program is a transformative, experiential approach for more effectively navigating today’s workplace. Grounded in the latest scientific breakthroughs around heart-centred performance, we look beyond the traditional approach and take a more holistic approach to employee and corporate well-being that helps organizations engage and retain employees, while driving improved performance, productivity, teamwork, and employee well-being.

Helping Organizations Prosper

At Inner Heart Solutions, we believe when people have the courage and tools to lead with their heart, their work and life experiences improve exponentially. The Bridging the Heart & Mind at Work and in Life Program was designed to help people connect and communicate with others in ways that helps support their personal well-being, performance and workplace culture.

Join Us and Experience the Heart and Mind at Our Next Zoom Introduction

We would like for you to be our guest at our next Bridging the Heart & Mind at Work and In Life introduction. Learn how our programs work with a brief presentation and some experiential exercises that will help move you into the experience of the heart and mind. Here you will have the opportunity to meet other individuals and professionals who have taken the workshops and can speak to you first hand about how the program has benefited them, at work and in life.

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