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Bridging the Heart & Mind in Business Programs

Bridging the Heart & Mind in Business Program is unique in its ability to help client’ s access and remove accumulated negative emotions that are keeping them from playing their highest game. This is achieved by incorporating simple techniques, based on leading edge research about how the heart and mind works in harmony.

At Inner Heart Solutions, we believe when people have the courage and tools to lead with their heart, their work and life experience improve exponentially. That is why our customized training and support programs, based on leading edge research, are helping people to bridge their heart & mind, improving how they connect and communicate with others in ways that also supports personal wellbeing, performance and workplace culture.

Bridging the Heart & Mind Program helps create more empowered, engaged, and enthusiastic employees which results in increase of:


Employees Exceeded Expectations


Employee Retention


Customer Satisfaction

Hay Group Research found that highly engaged employees on average: (Ref: Harvard Business Review – Creating the Best Workplace on Earth)

In today’ s rapidly changing world, it is imperative, now more than ever, to manage our stressors and proactively strive for greater balance & harmony. Research studies have demonstrated that unmanaged stress leads to a lack of employee engagement, performance and low levels of workplace wellbeing and Manager’ s are spending 30-40% of their day dealing with interpersonal conflict.

However, teams who connect & communicate authentically and learn to let go of emotional stress in sustainable ways, enjoy better working relationships, are happier, healthier, more productive & creative and achieve better overall results.

What is ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’?

Our unique approach is built on a powerful heart-centered foundation and strong business framework that guides participants through a proven, experiential method that bridges the heart and mind — transforming from the inside out. Over the past 25 years, university and corporate-led research has revealed the powerful impact that accrues when the heart and mind work harmoniously together, including:

  • Enhanced creativity and ‘flow’
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Improved communication with colleagues & clients
  • Stronger strategic insights
  • Heightened productivity and efficiency
  • Greater enjoyment of work & reduced impact of negative emotions

Positive Impact on Business

Bridging the Heart & Mind in Business Program drives several positive corporate benefits. Most of our clients have experienced a positive impact in the following 5 key performance areas below:

Employee Retention

Morale Increases
Positive Communication
Collaborative Environment

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Focused Decision Making
Greater Clarity
Effortless Flow

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Genuine Connection
Brand Orientation

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Team Performance

Better Rapport
Connecting the Pieces
Leadership Resiliency

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Transform Thoughts
Positive Inner Action
Resilience, Less Stress

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Bridging the Heart & Mind in Business Programs

A Scientifically Proven Approach to Help Your Team:

  • Tap the insights of the heart for inspired action and results.
  • Communicate more authentically, clearly and effectively.
  • Create a harmonious workplace that naturally promotes creativity and growth.

Foundation Level 1 – Bridging the Heart & Mind

Participants discover simple methods & techniques to bridge the heart to experience the benefits founded on leading edge science.

Foundation Level 2 – Working in the State of Flow

Participants understand and experience working in the state of flow with peace and ease, where strategic ideas flow, insightful decisions are made and work and life is more enjoyable.

Foundation Level 3 – Health & Wellness

Participants discover how their attitude and behaviors affect their personal health & wellbeing. They learn methods & techniques to increase their energy, and improve their focus, creativity and performance.

Foundation Level 4 – Wisdom

Participants become more aware of their inner state of being, gaining greater insight when making important decisions for the team and the company for profitability and success.

Foundation Level 5 – Fulfillment

Participants discover how to bring more meaning into their work by following their inner passion for positive creative change affecting their personal success and the company’s.

Foundation Level 6 – Connection

Participants gain insight on how to relate to others with compassion, sensitivity and understanding. They learn how to align strategically to their goals and the goals of the business.


At IHS, we understand that one size does not fit all. As a result, all of our training programs are customized to your businesses and your teams. Everything we do is built around hands-on experiential activities allowing your teams to practice in the workshop the techniques you’ ll apply in the workplace once they leave.

Bridging the Heart & Mind in Business is an international program offered in several countries around the world. Customizations would be made to suit all levels of staff and all cultures, in ways that would enable this program to seamlessly align with your individual needs.

Business Coaching & Support Programs

Every individual and company is unique, each looking for different solutions to overcome obstacles and problems. This is why we offer customized coaching and support from front-line, supervisors, managers and executives to ensure we meet the needs and issues of the individual and the business situation. By working first hand, we help transform your people’ s behavior and performance to achieve sustainable and measurable results that are unique to our programs.

What Business Leaders are Saying …

 “Since taking ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’ and ‘Working in the State of Flow’ I have noticed a heightened increase in my inner awareness.  I am more focused and clearer when making important decisions at work and in my life and creative idea’s flow much easier, which is important in the work that I do.  I cannot thank you enough for these fabulous courses, and what they have done for me already.  I look forward to taking the next level of the program, and where my heart will guide me.”

Shelagh M.