Individual Programs

Be the Change You Want to Be!

You have the ability to be the change you truly want to be. Harvard University professor Michael Puett teaches just that, and states that decisions are made from the heart because the heart and mind are linked. When you are in happy positive state of being, your mind and body will follow helping you to make positive choices in your life.

The ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind for Personal Growth Program’ follows the same philosophy. It is a unique mastery series that provides the tools and techniques that help you shift into your heart in a moments notice, moving you into that positive state of being. When you bridge the heart and mind, a positive shift happens to your attitude and perspective of life.

How Participants Benefit

Benefits the Mind

  • A calmer mind
  • Improved focus
  • Clarity of thought
  • Greater creativity

Benefits the Body

  • Less stress and tension
  • Increased energy
  • More relaxed
  • Less anxiety
  • Healthier – physically, emotionally
  • Improved sleep and rest
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

Benefits Work & Life

  • Inner calm, experiencing less stress
  • Deeper appreciation of yourself and others
  • More self-confident
  • Enjoy life more
  • Find more meaning in your career
  • More productive and successful
  • Make better decisions with clarity
  • Develop effective leadership – do less and accomplish more
  • Greater fulfilling friendships at work and in life
  • Larger perspective of life

Bridging the Heart & Mind Program For Personal Growth

We bring you on a journey of self-discovery to highlight your true inner potential. Our workshops are recommended for anyone who desires to gain insight in attaining their personal and professional goals, improve their physical, emotional and social wellbeing and life’s experiences, providing work-life balance.

Gain new insight on how to naturally:

  • Feel happier, healthier and more joyful in life.
  • Be more focused, creative and insightful.
  • Experience improved self-confidence, motivation and success.
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships.
  • And much more……

Bridging the Heart & Mind Program For Personal Growth Programme

Foundation Level 1 – Bridging the Heart & Mind

Participants discover simple methods & techniques to bridge the heart to experience the benefits founded on leading edge science.

Foundation Level 2 – Working in the State of Flow

Participants understand and experience working in the state of flow with peace and ease, where strategic ideas flow, insightful decisions are made and work and life is more enjoyable.

Foundation Level 3 – Health & Wellness

Participants discover how their attitude and behaviors affect their personal health & wellbeing. They learn methods & techniques to increase their energy, and improve their focus, creativity and performance.

Foundation Level 4– Wisdom

Participants become more aware of their inner state of being, gaining greater insight when making important decisions for the team and the company for profitability and success.

Foundation Level 5– Fulfillment

Learn how to follow your purpose and passion, giving more meaning to your life.

Foundation Level 6– Connection

Learn how to connect, communicate and collaborate with others with compassion, and in alignment with your personal and professional goals.

Want to lean more?

We would love for you to be our guest at our next ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’ introduction. Learn how the programs work with a brief presentation and some experiential exercises to move you into the experience. Here you will have the opportunity to meet other individuals and professionals who have taken the workshops and can speak to you first hand on what program works best for you.

Personal & Professional Soft Skills Coaching

We coach individuals and professional how to integrate the heart and mind into all aspects of their personal and professional life for work/life balance. We offer one-on-one or small group coaching.

What People Are Saying…

The “Bridging the Heart & Mind in Business Program helped me to realize that true success occurs when your heart are conscious of our treasures. Now, when my heart speaks, I listen carefully, and take good notes. And, most importantly, I feel the joy that comes from knowing that my many blessings occur when i lead with my heart.

Nick Kenyeres, Digital Lifestyle Coach & Author