Positive Impact on Business

Positive Impact on Business

Bridging the Heart & Mind in Business Program drives several positive corporate benefits. Most of our clients have experienced as a positive impact on the 5 key performance areas below:


Employee Retention

  • Morale Increases. Personal & Team morale will increase as employees become happier and finding more meaning in their work, culminating in a positive change in corporate culture, felt by your clients and colleagues.
  • Positive Environment. As employees start to see situations in a more positive way, they will want to remain in a corporate culture that is more aligned with their values (and their heart), resulting in less time spent recruiting and retraining.
  • Improved Communication. Employee enthusiasm increases as employees respond to more positive communication. Employees will want to work more because they are thriving at work and not surviving for a paycheck.


Productivity & Profitability

  • Effortless Flow. When working in a positive state of being, everything flows easily & effortlessly, and employees become more inspired to take initiative.
  • Greater Clarity and Understanding.  Challenging situations are handled in a more calm and peaceful manner, as employees are able to see the situation with greater clarity and understanding, more effectively supporting the client’s needs.
  • Creative and Focused Decision Making.  Employees report feeling more in control of their thoughts and emotions, allowing them to be more creative, focused and directed in their decisions, doing less and accomplishing more.



  • Genuine Connection.  Smiling, speaking, listening and communicating from the place of the heart creates genuine and authentic connection and “relate-ability”, building better relationships with clients and staff.
  • Brand Orientation.  Engaged happy employees are more enthusiastic about their work, wanting to do their best work every day, taking positive action to further the organizations reputation and interests.
  • Collaboration.  Employees will feel compelled to help their fellow colleagues, to help things evolve more quickly and be more productive. They will find that when they collaborate together, they will be working in a more mutual synchronistic way.


Team Performance

  • Better Rapport.  Communication will improve between the organization and its employee’s, creating better relationships and rapport among staff and management, as well as a greater feeling of ‘inclusion’.
  • Connecting Pieces of the Puzzle.  When individuals come together to collaborate from the place of the heart, the bigger picture emerges, bringing together the best of the collective team.
  • Coaching and Leadership Resiliency.  The ability to be aware and intuitive, being able to react positively to one’s team adding an extra dimension of understanding and relationship.



  • Transform Negative Thoughts and Emotions.  Recognize, manage and eliminate negative thoughts, behaviors and attitudes, helping your staff to remain calm, relaxed and positive, instead of reacting to challenging and stressful situations.
  • Positive Inner Action.  Transform burdens, problems, irritations and excessive thoughts into positive inner action.
  • Less Stress, More Resilience – Transform everyday challenges into healthier, more resilient and productive energy.  Many stressors will no longer be perceived as stressors – a perception shift happens.

What Business Leaders are Saying …

 “Since taking ‘Bridging the Heart & Mind’ and ‘Working in the State of Flow’ I have noticed a heightened increase in my inner awareness.  I am more focused and clearer when making important decisions at work and in my life and creative idea’s flow much easier, which is important in the work that I do.  I cannot thank you enough for these fabulous courses, and what they have done for me already.  I look forward to taking the next level of the program, and where my heart will guide me.”

Shelagh M.